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High school and middle school players!

- Check out the admissions pages on any of these schools you may be interested in.

- Make sure to take the class schedule in high school necessary for undergraduate admissions (check with your guidance counselor).

- Begin to prepare for the SAT/ACT along with maintaining the necessary grade point averages you'll need for admission into some of the more stringent academic schools. 8th grade is NOT too early to begin standardized test preparation.

Click here for official SAT dates, registration, and information

Click here for free SAT prep checklist and course offered by Kahn Academy and endorsed by the College Board (SAT testing board)

Click here for official ACT dates, registration,and information

Click here for free ACT prep materials

Stay tuned for more info and resources for recruiting and admissions. 


Recruiting Resources


The Rugger's Edge is a college advisory firm with specific expertise in helping Rugby players get recruited and placed.  In some cases, parents seek their expertise when applying to schools with very competitive undergraduate admissions like Cal, Army West Point, Ivy Leagues, or other service academies.

Check out their resources page here for tips on college resume's, making a good highlight film, summer camps, academic tips and more.

College Rugby Programs

The list below are some of the schools where our alumni have been past and present players.  This list is by no means exhaustive, and we'll continue to add to it as we collect more alumni information.

Club Alumni:

Justin Ramirez  (2013); Chase Bixby, Tyler Douglas (2015); Sammy Cusano (2016); Gavin Janis (2017); Alex Evans (2018); Callum Janis (2019); Jayden Flores (2022); Jackson Launey, Talae Tuimaunei (2023)


 University of California, Berkeley Rugby

University of California, Berkeley Admissions



Tyler Hornette (2012); Will Nogrady (2019); Ryan Wenstrom (2021); Ryan Nagel, Declan Tucker (2022); Sam Weston (2023)


Cal Poly Rugby

Cal Poly Admissions

Club Alumni:

Bryce Arikawa (2022); Sam Fisher (2023)



University of California San Diego Rugby

University of California San Diego Admissions



Xavier Hunter (2014); Wesley Chock (2015); Kaipono Kayoshi (2018); John-Henry Rose (2023)



Saint Mary's College of California Rugby

Saint Mary's College of California Admissions


John Kimble (2012); Michael Delaney, Marc Fischer, Trevor Fischer, Bryce Mantell, Kyle Rogers (2013); Donte Weeks(2014); Matt Rogers, Garret Walker (2015); John Rogers (2017)



University of Arizona Rugby

University of Arizona Admissions

Club Alumni:

Ryan MacIntosh (2016)




Baylor University Rugby

Baylor University Admissions


Club Alumni:

RJ Dumke (2018)



University of Colorado Rugby

University of Colorado Admissions


Club Alumni:

Dylan Saucedo (2023)



University of Utah Rugby

University of Utah Admissions



Zach Erickson (2013); Michael Prag, Alex Salidas (2015); Aiden Born, Jagger Medeiros (2016); Caden Ray (2018) 


University of Nevada Reno Rugby

University of Nevada Reno Admissions

Club Alumni:

Sterling Hulebus (2015)



 Arizona State University Rugby

Arizona State University Admissions


Club Alumni:

Brett Lindsay (2018)




Utah State University Rugby

Utah State University Admissions



Club Alumni:

Eshaan Kaul (2017)



Santa Clara University Rugby

Santa Clara University Admissions


Club Alumni:

Kyle Curry, Jacob Schafer (2018)



Boise State University Rugby

Boise State University Admissions


Club Alumni:

David Hull (2017)



BYU Rugby

BYU Admissions



Tristian Keys (2015); Julian Niulala (2023)



Central Washington University Rugby

Central Washington University Admissions

Club Alumni:

Roddy Hamilton (2016)



Grand Canyon University Rugby

Grand Canyon University Admissions


Club Alumni:

Anthony Wiley (2016)



American River College Rugby

American River College Admissions